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Veterans Services

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Please see Sheboygan County Job Center front desk staff for contact information

Sheboygan County Job Center
3620 Wilgus Ave
Sheboygan WI 53081


  • Individual employment assessment, job searching guidance and follow on services
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Access to JobNet and internet computers
  • Priority to DOL funded programs if qualified
  • Priority access to new job announcements
  • Career counselor services and aptitude testing
  • Labor market information availability
  • Resume, interviewing and Job Club workshops
  • Government jobs application information

Referral services to:

  • County Veterans' Service Officer
  • Federal, State, and Local Assistance Programs
  • Disability Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Other veterans' programs

Veteran’s Priority of Service

The Sheboygan County Job Center system will provide priority of services to all covered veterans and their spouses over non-covered persons. The Sheboygan Job Center will actively monitor this process in all of the Workforce Investment Act contracts and the contract will have an assurance clause in it for this provision. The management team of the job center will educate all staff of the definition of “covered veteran” and “covered spouse of veteran” and actively enforce the priority of service. This process will be monitored during on site monitoring of the management team’s performance and also the monitoring of the Workforce Investment Act service providers.

For universal services, notices of priority for veterans will be posted at the point of entry to the center and also on web pages. Job Center Core partners will communicate with the local veteran service officers, state veteran staff, and local county veteran representatives at the center for any targeted activities the veteran staff may be offering.

Veteran status will be identified at the point of entry into WIA programs or services. The veteran or spouse of veteran will be informed of their entitlement to the priority of service, the full array of programs and services available to them and any eligibility requirements of the program or service. The priority will include accessing employment opportunities in advance of non-veteran persons, funding of training over non-veteran persons and receipt of supportive services over non-veteran persons.

To receive services as a Veteran for Wisconsin Job Center services veterans must have:

  • Served at least 180 days on active other than for Reserve on National Guard training
  • Service less than 180 days but be medically discharged
  • Been awarded a campaign badge or medal

Eligibility for other programs may vary.

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