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May 05


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The Youth Summer Work Experience is a great opportunity for eligible individuals to receive a professional training in work related skills and be placed into employment once the class is completed. Below is some information on the work experience.


What’s it all about?

The youth summer work experience will provide 3 weeks of training (30 hours per week) to eligible individuals designed to train them in several key areas including: Reading Comprehension, Computer Skills, Customer Service, Business Writing, Business Math, General Business Knowledge, and other Job Skills. Youth will receive a $400 stipend for completing this training and be Work Certified. This training will be followed by a 2 month employment experience at a local business in an area related to the youth’s expressed interests. They will work 20 hours per week at a wage of $7.25 an hour.

What are the eligibility requirements?

In order to be eligible the individual must be:

 17-24 years old
 Income Eligible (will be determined by youth case manager)
 Score at an 8th grade or higher level in reading and math (testing will be completed by youth case manager)

AND fit one of the following criteria:

 An offender (previous offense at a misdemeanor/felony level)
 In foster care or aging out of foster care
 Pregnant or Parenting
 Veteran
 School Drop Out
 Homeless or Runaway

When does the program begin?

The first session for work certified courses will be held on May 26th for OUT OF SCHOOL Youth. Any referrals for OUT OF SCHOOL Youth should be done ASAP so we can determine eligibility and finalize the process. The class will run 3 weeks and be followed by a two month work experience.

The second session for work certified courses will be held on June 15th for IN-SCHOOL Youth. Feel free to refer clients at any time and we will contact them and provide necessary information.

The last session for work certified courses will be held on July 6th for both IN-SCHOOL and OUT OF SCHOOL Youth.

How do individuals get started?

Individuals should complete a Youth Summer Work Experience application available at the front desk of the Sheboygan County Job Center resource room. Individuals will be called back to determine eligibility. Any questions should be referred to:

Nick Sagal
(920) 208-5823