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Jul 16

Great Lakes Training & Dev. Corp. adds new WIA Youth Program

Posted in new WIA program at 9:58 am

Great Lakes Training and Development Corporation, the current provider or all WIA programs in Sheboygan County, has received a new grant to serve the older youth population. This grant focuses on the older youth population (youth ages 19-21, or 18 with a high school diploma) and works with students who are entering an in-demand occupation program at the technical school level. A current list of in-demand programs can be accessed by calling 920.208.5820. Eligibility requirements for this program can vary based upon each individual including looking at a person or family income level. The services that can be provided to eligible participants are career consultation, assessment testing, career counseling, assistance with applications to post secondary schools, assistance with filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), mentoring, job shadow opportunities, and FUNDING FOR TUITION ASSISANCE (when funds are available).

Contact 920.208-5820 for more information and eligibility requirements.